Frank Ntambi

Frank Ntambi to Take One-Week Media Hiatus to Work on His Mental Health

Renowned Arts and Performing Arts critic Frank Ntambi has announced his decision to take a one-week hiatus from the media to prioritize his mental well-being.

Through a post on his social media platforms, Frank Natambi shared that he will be taking a break from the constant stimuli that drained him in the year 2023.

He compared the need for this break to the way electronic devices, such as phones, require intermittent recharging to function optimally.

Assuring his fans, Frank expressed his determination to return stronger and better than ever, aiming to provide them with an exceptional year in 2024.

Frank Ntambi

It is worth noting that Frank Ntambi is not the only public figure who has been open about their mental health struggles.

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Others, including Fille Mutoni, Grace Khan, and Gravity Omutujju, have also bravely addressed this important issue.


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