Fresh Kid, Small Q

Fresh Kid Devastated After His Social Media Handler Was Allegedly Kidnapped in Thailand

One of rapper Fresh Kid’s social media handlers, Small Q, who has been instrumental in managing the young rapper’s online presence, has recently been reported as abducted in Thailand.

This shocking revelation came to light through a post shared via Fresh Kid’s various social media platforms.

Based on the social media post, over 20 other individuals from Uganda were also lured under false pretences to Myanmar, with the promise of lucrative IT jobs.

However, instead of finding the promised opportunities, they were subjected to the horrors of modern-day slavery.

Fresh Kid, Small Q

It is for the grounds above that Fresh Kid was prompted to make a heartfelt appeal to various entities in Uganda for assistance.

The first rising rapper has called upon the Uganda Government, Police Force, International Community, media outlets, political parties, and all Ugandans to come together and unite in the effort to liberate these innocent individuals from their captors.


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