Gabie Ntaate, Judith Babirye, gabie ntaate reveals she is not here to dethroan judith babirye and urged critics to stop comparing them

Gabie Ntaate Reveals Comparing Her to Judith Babirye Saddens Her

Gospel singer Gabie Ntaate has expressed her admiration for veteran singer Judith Babirye and has urged critics to refrain from comparing them.

Over the years, critics have been suggesting that Gabie Ntaate replaced Judith Babirye after the latter took a break from her music career.

However, Gabie Ntaate strongly dislikes being compared to Judith Babirye as it leaves her feeling empty.

Gabie Ntaate emphasized that both she and Judith Babirye are serving God, but in their unique ways and for the same purpose.

She notes that she does not have to replace anyone to fulfil her calling; she is simply following the path that she was destined for.

Gabie Ntaate,

Gabie made it clear that their purpose is not to compete for earthly recognition or to determine who is better. While she appreciates the support she receives, it is disheartening to think that her success comes at the expense of someone else’s anointing.

The former Spark TV presenter wants to be recognized for her own talents and contributions, rather than being constantly compared to Judith Babirye.

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She hopes that critics and fans alike will appreciate and support each artist for their unique gifts and the positive impact they bring to the gospel music industry.

Furthermore, Gabie Ntaate went on to give Judith Babirye her flowers and below is what she had to say.

My dearest big sister Judith Babirye I’m firstly very privileged to have served the God and land you served and serve, you already know that I have never kept silent in accordance to what high esteem I hold you in. Also remember for what purpose we serve and who it is we serve, as he is most Important. You not only Have been dear to the people of the Lord our God and helped many draw to and back to Christ but are dear the same way at heart, words of heavenly wisdom flow out of your mouth, verily as you are anointed. Those words have seen me through tough moments. You have prayed over my head those late nights and never hesitated to pause work just to pray for me. You are a blessing to me and so many and YOU ARE A GREAT WORSHIPER. GOD be EXALTED in thee now and forever more Mother JUDIEI Love you.


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