Gabie Ntaate

Gabie Ntaate reveals secular musicians won’t be allowed to perform at her forthcoming concert

Gospel singer Gabie Ntaate real name Bebriella Bridget Ntaate has recently revealed that her upcoming concert will strictly feature gospel musicians and will not permit any secular artists to perform.

Gabie Ntaate is gearing up for her upcoming concert dubbed “Cheza for Yesu” at the Kampala Sheraton Hotel.

The concert, scheduled for May 17, 2024, is anticipated to attract fans and fellow artists from the music industry.

To maintain the sanctity and purpose of the concert, Gabie Ntaate has made it explicitly clear that she will not be allowing secular musicians to perform on stage.

She firmly emphasizes that the event is solely dedicated to praising and worshiping God, and therefore only gospel artists will have the privilege of performing.

Gabie Ntaate

She further elaborated that the concert is a worship service with specific guidelines that must be adhered to, as she believes in following God’s commands.

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Gabie reiterated that while secular musicians are welcome to attend, they will not be performing on stage, but rather will be part of the audience to witness her performance and join in praising God.


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