Goesteady, Hindu Kay

Geosteady and Hindu Kay welcome their bundle of joy

Blackman singer Geosteady and his partner Hindu Kay have welcomed their first child together.

Geosteady embarked on a romantic relationship with Hindu Kay a while back, after his affair with Prima Kadarshi hit a dead end.

The couple has been working tirelessly to build an empire together, which they have expanded today with the welcoming of their bundle of joy.

Hindu’s pregnancy has been highly concealed, with her last social media activity being in November 2023.

The news of their family expansion has been broken by Geosteady through his Instagram account.

Geosteady, Hindu K

Gesoteady shared a photo of Hindu Kay while carrying their newborn baby a moment they waited for the last nine months.

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The couple however didn’t reveal details about the baby like the gender and names, but we are certain the mother and baby are in good health condition.


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