Prima Kadarshi, Gesoteady

Geosteady and Prima Kadarshi Clash Over Dine with Gesoteady Event Money

Blackman CEO Gesoteady and his baby mama Prima Kadarshi clash over the proceedings from the former’s annual dine with Geosteady event.

Since yesterday, Geosteady and his baby mama have been embroiled in a bitter online exchange, over the latter seemingly praising his newfound love Hindu Kay and snubbing her on valentine.

Prima stressed that ever since she parted ways with the singer in 2019, he has never produced a hit song, before noting that she played a big role in his Dine with Goesteady success.

Addressing Prima’s claims in a lengthy social media post, Geosteady revealed that he funded everything in his Sembera music video before urging the baby mama to act as the CEO role as she claims.

Prima Kadarshi, Gesoteady

The singer went on to disclose that during his 4th edition of the dine with Gesoteady event at Cubana Munyonyo he combined efforts with Prima for their kids’ benefit.

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However, after the event, Prima seemingly wanted to rekindle her romance with Gesoteady, something the latter didn’t welcome because he had already moved on with Hindu Kay.

Despite offering her UGX 1m from the event proceedings, Prima claims that the money wasn’t enough because she had paused her business to push the singer’s brand.


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