Geosteady Hints at Formalizing Marriage With Hindu Kay

Blackman singer Hassan Kigozi alias Geosteady has hinted at legalizing his marriage with lover Hindu Kay.

Goesteady a few years back parted ways with baby mama Prima Kadarshi with whom he shares two beautiful daughters Sorayah and Solange Williams Kigozi.

The singer set out in a new relationship with Hindu Kay before converting to Islam and making a pilgrimage to Mecca that saw him become a certified hajj.

During his interview with Mr. Henrie at the Deep Talk Show on Galaxy TV, Geosteady revealed that he is ready to spend the rest of his life with Hindu Kay.

Goesteady noted that after his failed relationship with Prima, he traced their marriage exit with nothing, but Hindu loved him unconditionally and worked together to acquire everything he has now.

Prima Kadarshi, Geosteady

The “Tokendeeza” singer maintained that in an effort to appreciate her, he intends to formalise their marriage, beginning with proposing to her.

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Having buried the hatchet with Mr. Henrie, Geosteady went on to invite him to be part of the inlaws on their monumental wedding occasion.



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