Geosteady, Prima Kadarshi

Geosteady Pens Beautiful Birthday Message to Baby Mama Prima Kadarshi

Singer Geosteady has showcased his genuine and heartfelt emotions as he shared a birthday message to his ex-lover Prima Kadarshi

Despite their separation, the couple has managed to maintain a strong bond and successfully co-parent their two precious children.

In his birthday message, Geosteady conveyed his appreciation for Prima, acknowledging the significant role she plays in their children’s lives.

He prayed for Prima to have an extended celebration of future years, and to receive plentiful blessings as they navigate the intricate dynamics of co-parenting.

Happy Birthday to the mother of my girls, hope you have many more years and more blessings. Thanks for taking care of my kids the best way you can mama SO Prima Kadarshi

On the other hand, Geosteady’s message showcases his maturity and growth as an individual. It demonstrated his ability to set aside any past grievances and focus on the present, cherishing the bond they share as parents despite the criticism surrounding them.

prima kadarshi

This gesture not only celebrated Prima’s birthday but also served as a testament to their commitment to providing a loving and stable environment for their children.

In a world where separations often lead to bitterness and animosity, Geosteady’s heartfelt birthday message for Prima stands as a shining example of love, respect, and co-parenting done right.

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It serves as a reminder that even after the end of a romantic relationship, the bond between parents can remain strong and nurturing, ultimately benefiting the children involved.


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