Ghetto Kids Choreographers Unhappy for Not Being Appreciated Enough

Following the Ghetto Kids making it to the final round of Britain Got Talent, their choreographers have aired their disappointment for not being mentioned anywhere.

On Wednesday night, Ghetto Kids exhibited a splendid performance at the Britain Got Talent semi-finals.

Fortunately, the Ugandan-based dance group made it through to the finals, which will be held on Sunday 04th June 2023.

The group’s success sent the entire nation into a frenzy, and many internet users embarked on sharing videos of the talented dancers jubilating following their victory of making it to the finals.

However, the Ghetto Kids choreographers noticed that their contribution towards the kids’ victory was not acknowledged anywhere, despite spending sleeping nights creating what the kids would perform.

ghetto kids

In a comment accessed by Exclusive Bizz, one of the Ghetto Kids choreographers, Namata Esther, expressed her appreciation for the children making it this far, before stating that the choreographers ought to be recognised as well.

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Namata stated that her team, which also included Nandala Mathew, Chamuka Africa, and Rick Dux, put a lot of effort into training the kids, but they aren’t appreciated enough.

We did it would be nice if u appreciate choreographers too next time plz we put in a lot of effort teaching these kids me and my team
Nandala Mathew, Chamuka Africa Ug, Ricky Dux_Idu thank


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