Gift Ov Kaddo, Tuff B

Gift Ov Kaddo at Loggerheads With Tuff B Following The Latter’s Mental Health Remarks

Over the weekend, media personality Tuff B hosted Gift Ov Kaddo and Galaxy FM presenter Alpha Timez on his show dubbed Kurt which airs every Saturday on NBS Television.

The trio got into several discussions, where Gift Ov Kaddo opened up about his music career and what he is planning next.

The show was going well until Oscar Timez rubbed Kaddo the wrong way when he asked questions the latter termed unrelated.

It is during the show that Tuff B realized Gift Ov Kaddo was battling mental illness and wasted no time sharing the sad news with his followers and fans on his socials.

Gift Ov Kaddo, Tuff B

Gift Ov Kaddo who was already aggrieved by the way Tuff B moderated the show, crossed paths with the post, rubbing salt into the wound.

Mental illness is real just noticed today.
Tuff B

Responding to Tuff B through his socials, Gift Ov Kaddo had no kind words for the former and NBS Television, for always dragging him down whenever he is hosted on the media outlet.
He refuted claims of battling mental illness, revealing that he will always be Gift Kaddo in everything he does.

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Gift Ov Kaddo is confident that God will always bless his hustle with more life and health even when he is surrounded by bad mind energy from people like Tuff B.

I won’t accept that stupidity of bringing artists on you interviews and then you start putting them down. NBS Television I take Years to see my songs evn playing on you channel. So the chance you give for an interview it’s always puting me down. Instead of me talking to my fans and letting them on what have been doing. I will still be Kaddo in what I do. Some presenters wanted to be musicians but luck of telente is still the problem for them. So that all bad mind Energy and not accepting the difite. Is still the main problem in our game. Tuff B if you take me this way I will accept accordingly to your brains but accept am the chine to run the weels. God is still blessing my hustle bro with more life and Healthy.

Gift Ov Kaddo


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