GOSSIPGrace Khan Apologizes to Mesach Semakula for Fighting With Kid Dee at...

Grace Khan Apologizes to Mesach Semakula for Fighting With Kid Dee at His Restaurant

Singer Grace Khan has issued an apology to Mesach Semakula for the misconduct of fighting at his Papaz Spot Restaurant in Makindye.

Yesterday Grace Khan and Kid Dee were embroiled in a physical altercation that saw them exchange jabs, flying objects and sharp insults.

The pair’s fallout emanated from Kid Dee crossing paths with Grace Khan and Papa’s Spot restaurant and claiming the paternity of her daughter before demanding the kid’s DNA test.

The pair’s fight rendered the restaurant in disarray prompting the involvement of bystanders to restore order and they were both asked to leave.

Grace Khan has since taken to Facebook and penned an apology to Mesach Semakul for causing havoc at his restaurant.

Grace Khan

In her apology, Grace revealed that she is a peaceful person but was provoked into fighting by Kid Dee who has always called himself her daughter’s father.

Grace implored Mesach Semakula to find a spot in his heart to forgive her for her misconduct, before making it known to the Papaz Spot restaurant customers that it is not violent.

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Furthermore, Grace Khan vowed to thump Kid Dee whenever they cross paths for disrespecting her and her daughter Grannah.

Hello taata @Measerch Semakula It’s me your dear Daughter Grace Khan I am here to apologize about today’s act! Taata you know me very well I have never done anything like this regardless of how many times I have been at your place! But since someone who has always been calling himself mu gals baby dad, we met for the first time (Omuntu gwesogelangako Naye olwokuba ye anywa drugs nenjagaze Dad Kumwana wange ntabuka) I won’t go in details taata im very sorry for the act! Hope my Sorry Gets granted!And for the customers @papas spot is not aviolat place Naye ye we Musanze Mumilembe jange ate nga nawalala wenkusanga njakukolako nga amateka ge Gaza bwegalagila agatali ga police! Until I rest in peace


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