Grace Kha, Susan Makula

Grace Khan falls out with Susan Makula

According to reports on our news desk, it has been brought to our attention that Susan Makula, the wife of Pastor Bugingo, has allegedly forced singer Grace Khan to leave their residence.

After enduring numerous hardships in her life, Grace found solace and was graciously welcomed into Pastor Bugingo’s home along with her daughter.

Since then, she has been getting support from the pastor’s family, which has helped her overcome her state of depression.

However, after a period of time living with Susan Makula, Grace Khan’s actions began to create tension within the family.

Susan Makula, Grace Khan

As a result, Susan Makula made the difficult decision to ask Grace Khan to leave their home, as she could no longer handle the singer’s behavior.

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Subsequently, Grace found alternative accommodation with other individuals, but unfortunately, she recently had a falling out with them as well, leading to a misunderstanding that required police intervention.

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