Grace Khan, Prince Omar

Grace Khan, Prince Omar’s Affair Hangs in Balance as Latter’s Parents Invoke Sharia Law

Singer Prince Omar real name Mukose Umar has expressed his dissatisfaction with his parents over the strict rules imposed on him.

Having returned to his baby mama’s life, singer Grace Khan and Prince have been the topic of discussion online.

The couple has severally displayed their affection for each other on social media and their bond seems to grow stronger with each day that goes by.

However, since Grace Khan is non-Muslim, their relationship was dealt a heavy blow, when Prince Omar’s parents implored him to take into account Muslim Sharia law before choosing a partner.

While taking part in an interview, Prince Omar asked his father to be kind to them so that they raise a good family as a young couple.

Prince Omar

Prince Omar adds that anytime he attempts to talk to his father, he invokes Sharia law in an overly aggressive manner.

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He went on to say that his father is opposed to him following a musical path, which is why he has adamantly refused to support his career.


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