Gravity Omutujju

Gravity Omutujju Lists His Best 5 Songs in 2023

The music scene in 2023 witnessed a plethora of releases from numerous artists. Nevertheless, amidst the abundance of songs, a select few truly shone.

During a recent interview, rapper Gravity Omutujju shared his ranking of the top five songs that he believes achieved remarkable success in the soon-to-be-conclude year of 2023.

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Gravity revealed that he did not rely on YouTube views to determine his ranking, arguing that these can be easily purchased by anyone to falsely claim their songs as the best.

  1. Okwepicha – Gravity Omutujju
  2. Parte Parte – Alien Skin
  3. Bwe Paba – Fik Fameica Ft Sheebah
  4. Bailando – Vinka
  5. Ebiseera Ebyo – King Saha
Gravity Omutujju


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