Gravity Omutujju, Jose Chameleone

Gravity Omutujju on How Jose Chameleone Influenced Him to Buy a Range Rover

Trouble Tabu Entertainment Rapper Gravity Omutujju has opened up on how fellow singer Jose Chameleone influenced him to buy a range rover.

Last week rapper Gravity Omutujju paraded off a brand-new spiffy Range Rover Vogue autobiography with a customised number plate with the initials “OMUTUJJU”

While appearing in an interview with Baba Tv recently, Gravity revealed that he drew the inspiration to acquire a Range Rover from fellow singer Jose Chameleone.

Gravity claimed that the comfort and soundproofing of Jose Chameleone’s Range Rover inspired him to own one while they were driving along Masaka Road for a music drive.

The rapper insisted that even though both Chameleone and his vehicle are Range Rovers, his is rather more expensive.

Gravity Omutujju

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Gravity continued to brag about how it is immoral for someone who doesn’t possess a Range Rover to pretend to own a car before pleading with them to put in extra effort so they can buy Range Rovers and feel an unmatched sense of fulfilment.


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