Grenade Official Claims Sheilah Gashumba Was His First Love

Grenade Official opened up about his first love during an interview on YouTube, revealing that Sheilah Gashumba was the one who captured his heart.

He spoke fondly of their time together, reminiscing about the special moments they shared and the deep connection they had. Despite the ups and downs they faced, Grenade Official expressed gratitude for the love they once had.

While Sheilah Gashumba had previously denied their relationship, Grenade decided to set the record straight and share the truth about their past.

He acknowledged that their relationship had its challenges, but emphasized the love and respect he still holds for her.

Grenade admitted that it was difficult to see Sheilah move on, but he ultimately accepted her decision and wished her happiness in her current relationship.

Grenade Official

Despite their romantic history coming to an end, Grenade Official remains grateful for the time he spent with Sheilah and the impact she had on his life.

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He expressed a sense of closure and maturity in reflecting on their past relationship, showing a level of understanding and respect for both himself and Sheilah.


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