Guvnor Ace

Guvnor Ace Joyfully Flaunts His UK Residence Permit

Singer Guvnor Ace real name Ssemawere Ronald is beaming with delight as he proudly displays his UK residency permit.

Several years ago, Guvnor Ace embarked on a journey to relocate to the UK in search of better opportunities.

His endeavours involved various methods, including dating older women, in order to secure his residency.

However, at the beginning of this week, Guvnor Ace’s hard work paid off when he was granted the coveted residency permit.

Guvnor Ace

A residency permit is a crucial document or card required in certain regions, allowing foreign nationals to legally reside in a country for a specific or indefinite period of time.

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In addition to expressing his gratitude, Guvnor Ace also took a moment to address his critics. He laughed off the doubts and scepticism that had been cast upon him, proving that he had the resilience and strength to overcome any obstacles that came his way.

As Guvnor Ace embarks on this new chapter of his life, armed with his UK residency permit, he is filled with a renewed sense of hope and excitement. He is eager to explore the opportunities that await him in the UK and continue to pursue his passion for music.


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