Haffy Powers

Haffy Powers Left Elated After Random Male Gifted Her Ugx 1M

Media personality Hafie Powers real name Hasifa Nabbanja was taken aback as a random male fan rewarded her Ugx 1M amid a traffic jam.

According to the BBS Terefayina host, while she was driving back home after picking up her son from school, she made sure to keep her car windows down as she didn’t want to use the air conditioning since her son had a cough and flu.

As they encountered a bit of traffic, a man from the opposite side of the road suddenly called out her name and stepped out of his vehicle.

He handed her Ugx 1M, expressing gratitude for her hard work and good behaviour. Meanwhile, Haffie Powers felt a bit embarrassed as the men in the nearby SinoTruck car started shouting, claiming that they too wanted some money.

Haffy Powers

Haffie was taken aback by the unexpected encounter as she had never met the man before, but he seemed to know her.

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Haffie’s fans were left questioning the motives behind the man’s kind gesture, as some speculated that he may have had ulterior motives beyond simply being charitable.


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