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Hajat Kulthum Nabunya Vows to Drag Bad Black to Courts of Law

Dr. Hajat Kulthum Nabunya has vowed to drag socialite and beautician Bad Black to courts of law if she attacks her again.

Following Hajat Kulthum’s husband Acram Gumisiriza appearing in a video clip tearing up over a misunderstanding in their marriage, he was castigated by a section of online users including Bad Black.

In a social media post made by Bad Black, she cautioned Acram against appearing on several Tvs making interviews addressing their family matters.

Bad Black suggested that Acram and Kulthum ought to settle their disputes off-camera and added that not all problems require publicity.

MY opinion that small misunderstandings doesn’t make you to appear on all tv interviews unless ur dense… You can slove the matter out of cameras not everything public bamanye ate Acram reasoning capacity ya p7 drop out koz nze ndi wa s2 … relationship is not a public toilet muli bantu bakulu

Bad Black


In retaliation, Acram took to Badblack’s comment section, questioning if she wanted him to keep quiet like her partner Asha Partner whom he deemed as a doll.

Oba obade oyagala nsilikilile nga eyo doleyo eyebyayi joyina munyumba…aha
bambi gwe mugambe tayogelanga eno ewange nze afuga kimanye eyawangula siyafuga

Ekilàla next time gwe Badblackuganda Namuyimbwa nga weyingiza munsonga zange nyabo owemyela osokanga kumazawo nejitavunda.

Acram’s comments incensed Badblack, who then went on a Facebook live broadcast and insulted him and his wife Kulthum with all sorts of obscenities.

This forced Hajat Kulthum, who was hit by stray bullets, to record a precise video daring Bad Black to insult her again.

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Kulthum emphasised that while she is pardoning Bad Black this time if she strikes her again, she would be prosecuted.

Have a look at the video below.


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