Acram Gumisiriza, Hajat Kulthum Nabunya

Hajat Kulthum Nabunya’s Husband Acram Gumisiriza Currently Bedridden

Ugandan South African-based engineer Acram Gumisiriza is currently bedridden at a yet-to-be-disclosed health facility after blacking out.

On Friday this week, the devastating news of Acram Gumisiriza’s ailment rocked the internet leaving his household’s well-wishers in a panic mode.

The sad news of Acram’s ailment was broken by his wife Hajat Kulthum Nabunya, through her Facebook account.

In a post that was shared by Kulthum, she urged her friends to keep her husband in their prayers for his speedy recuperation.

Omwami wange owe’riiso mulwadde. Please pray for his quick recovery

Kulthum’s post was followed by video clips depicting Acram on a hospital bed, on a breathing support machine seemingly in excruciating pain.

Acram Gumisiriza

The commentary in the video reveals that Acram was rushed to the hospital in a very worrying health state, and at the time of the video recording doctors were contemplating referring him to a bigger health facility.

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Acram’s condition, however, was reportedly caused by the strong medications he was initially taking, despite the fact that he was eating little.

The development comes at a moment when the couple is expecting their first child together.

We pray for his quick recovery.


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