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Hajat Kulthum Responds to Ykee Benda’s Criticism of Helping Pretty Nicole on Camera

Hajat Kulthum Nabunya has responded to singer Ykee Benda’s claims that Pretty Nicole should be helped off-camera.

Following Hajat Kulthum coming out publicly and expressing her willingness to offer Pretty Nicole another chance of going back to school, her kind gesture was received with mixed reactions from online users.

A section of internet users applauded her for the humanitarian gesture portrayed, while others criticized her for helping on camera, including singer Ykee Benda.

According to Benda, he revealed that if Pretty Nicole’s well-wishers have pure intentions towards her future, they ought to help without cameras.

Ykee’s submission, however, didn’t settle well with Hajat Kulthum, who reacted with no kind words towards the singer.

Hajat Kulthum Nabunya

Hajat Kulthum revealed that she helped Pretty Nicole on camera because she found her in the limelight, pointing out that she has also helped very many people off camera.

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Hajat Kulthum who claimed not to know Ykee Benda further pressed the singer to front those he has helped, before criticising her works.


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