Haruna Mubiru, Adam Mulwana

Haruna Mubiru Denies Co-Founding H&M Restaurant With Late Adam Mulwana

Haruna Mubiru has refuted the claims that he opened his restaurant H&M in collaboration with the late Adam Mulwana.

Yesterday, singer Adam Mulwana, renowned for his campaign song “Toka Kwa Balabala, tragically passed away after battling liver complications.

During the public viewing of his body at the National Theater, various mourners shared their thoughts on Adam’s life before his demise.

One of them was events promoter Abitex Promotions, who expressed disappointment with Haruna Mubiru, alleging that he did not support Adam when he needed it the most, despite starting the Mindye-based H&M restaurant together.

Abitex proceeded to implore Haruna to provide care for Adam’s children as they will require his support now more than ever.

Haruna Mubiru

However, Haruna Mubiru dismissed these accusations and clarified that the restaurant is solely his.

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He added that he provided Adam Mulwana with some shares in the establishment to assist him in covering his medical expenses and daily necessities.


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