Hatmah Nalugwa Ssekaaya

Hatmah Nalugwa Ssekaaya resigns from NBS TV after 17 years of news anchoring

After dedicating 17 years to her career, Hatmah Nalugwa Ssekaaya has made the decision to step down from her position as a news host at NBS TV.

Hatmah began her journey in journalism as a news anchor and host, and over the years, she has had the opportunity to work with prominent media outlets such as NTV and NBS.

Her most recent role was at NBS TV in Naguru, where she served as a news anchor before transitioning to a news producer role.

In a heartfelt announcement on her social media platforms, Hatmah Nalugwa Ssekaaya shared the news of her resignation.

Hatmah Nalugwa Ssekaaya, Hatmah Nalugwa Ssekaaya smile

Colleagues, including Zambaali Blasio Mukasa, expressed their gratitude for her exceptional contributions to the station.

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Hatmah expressed her gratitude for the valuable experiences and connections she gained throughout her career, but she believes it is time for a new chapter in her journey.


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