Vinka, Allan Toniks

“He Called Me a Vitz.” Vinka on Why She Turned Down Toniks Collabo Request

Swangz Avenue singer Vinka revealed that she couldnt work on the same music project with Allan Toniks because he refered to her as a Vitz.

In a candid interview with media peronality Ruth Kalibbala recently, Vinka revealed the challenges she faced during the early stages of her music career.

Vinka revealed that initially, she served as Irene Ntale’s manager, before the singer deserted Swangz Avenue over unclear circumstances.

She adds when she decided to give music a shot, her decision came with alot of criticism from music enthusiasts inclusing singer Allan Toniks.

The mother of one said that when Irene Ntale left Swangz Avenue, Allan Toniks questioned why the label would swap the former out for Vinka, whom he thought of at the time as a Vitz car comapared to Ntale.


She said that she found Toniks’ comments offensive but concentrated to establish a powerful music empire, and fortunately, her endavours paid off.

Vinka’s success, however, compelled Allan Toniks to reach out to her, craving a music collabortion with her, something she wasn’t ready to do owing to the latter’s recent negative remarks.

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Vinka explained that Toniks’ disdain for her and lack of confidence in her was the reason she decided not to work with him.

Vinka maintained, however, that she put all of the past struggles behind her and is now a refreshed artist with a hardened exterior who is prone to criticism.


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