Henry Mwanje, Henry Mwanje caught cheating in a car

Henry Mwanje disappointed with marriage, questions its origin

Renowned singer Henry Mwanje has expressed his disappointment with marriages before questioning their origin.

While appearing in an interview with Bukedde TV, Henry Mwanje revealed that grievances always plague marriages, as partners always fight over the same issues over the years.

In his personal experience, Mwanje noted that men always view women as their source of happiness, but unfortunately, things go south.

Mwanje noted that marriage’s happiness tends to fluctuate as lovers are always scuffling with the same misunderstandings experienced during their time together.

Henry Mwanje, Henry Mwanje caught cheating in a car, Henry Mwanje Car

He disclosed that despite women complaining about their husbands’ bad manners, they tend to remain in the same union, rather than tracing the exit and finding the partner of their dreams.

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Henry Mwanje maintained that women should stop complaining about their husbands’ mistakes and understand them to create a conducive atmosphere in their marriage.


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