Moses Matovu, Hon Joseph Ssewungu

Hon. Joseph Gonzaga Ssewungu Attributes Moses Matovu’s Reaction to Frustration and Being Drunk

MP Kalungu County West Hon. Joseph Ssewungu Gonzaga has shed light on the turning point of legendary singer Moses Matovu’s rage.

During a show over the weekend, Afrigo Band singer Moses Matovu had no kind words for Hon. Joseph Ssewungu Gonzaga.

Based on the video circulating on social media, Matovu could be seen blasting Hon. Ssewungu before informing him how the Ugandan parliament is a complete fabrication because its members can’t make any sensible decision during their meetings.

The singer went ahead to make it known that he is tired of people who tend to politicize everything, to an extent of attempting to dictate the kind of music he should perform.

Moses Matovu

Before the dust raised by the saga could settle, Hon. Ssewungu in a phone interview with BBS TV distanced himself from enraging Moses Matovu.

He emphasized that prior to the recorded clip in which Matovu appears to slam him, he was trying to calm him down after he had quarreled for over 20 minutes over a reveler who rejected his suggestion that his band performs two more songs before calling it a night.

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Hon. Ssewungu attributed Moses Matovu’s reaction to inebriation, as well as the frustration he is currently experiencing after some of his band members refused to return to Uganda following their trip to Canada.

Have a look at the video below.


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