Susan Makula

”Hon. Nambooze redressing my statement on Social media was degrading” Susan Makula

Susan Makula a few weeks back while appearing on the The Junction show that airs on Salt TV, she disclosed her boundless love for the Four vibrant women in the country.

Pastor Bugingo’s Fiance Susan said she wants God to help her meet the queen of Buganda Nabagereka, Princess Bagaya, Janet Kataha Museveni, and Hon. Rebecca Kadaga because her love for them is beyond her control.


Susan Makula

Recalling her teenage days, she disclosed that her father likened her to the queen of Buganda advising her to be descent just like her. She added that since then, she grew up looking up to the queen of Buganda.

Makula’s claims did not go unnoticed by Mukono member of parliament Hon. Nambooze Betty Bakireke who responded to her in a group chat Madam Teacher’s Class on Facebook

Susan Makula

Sharing a post to her group, Hon Nambooze advised Makula never to liken herself to the queen of Buganda because it’s against the Buganda culture. 

Nyabo Namakula eyeddira olugave bwekiba nti oli muganda tereza ebintu byo….Tokiddamu okumanyira kabaka waffe, Nabagereka n’abaana bengooma…..manyira ffe abasaba obululu…..Maama wa Buganda tomweyogerezako. Obuwangwa bwaffe, ennono n’empisa tebikiriza kwegeza kabaka oba Nabakyala.

Nabakyala wa Buganda tayogerwako Ndowooza owulidde…??!

Responding to Hon. Nambooze, Susan Makula said she grew up respecting elderly women like her and believes honorable is fit to be her mother.

She added that Nambooze never got the information from the rightful source because someone might have cut a clip to tarnish her name.

Makula added that if Nambooze called her, out of respect she would have turned up to be advised where she went astray. But taking to social media was disrespectful of her and she aimed at degrading rather than correcting her.

Susan Makula further explained that she can’t stop populists who depend on her for views to survive.



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