Prynce Joel Okuyo Atiku

How False Human Trafficking Allegations Affected Prynce Joel Okuyo Atiku’s Acting Career

Singer Cindy Sanyu’s husband Prynce Joel Okuyo Atiku has revealed how human trafficking allegations affected his acting career.

Prynce Joel Okuyo Atiku is a Ugandan actor, model, and photographer who had his acting breakthrough in light of being cast as the Devil’s reincarnation in Battle of the Souls, a popular Ugawood Movie.

Since his breakthrough, Okuyo Joel Atiku Prynce featured in a number of movies including A Good Catholic Girl, Imbabazi (The Pardon), Black and White, Reflections (series), State Research Bureau, Battle of the Souls and many others.

However, his acting career was dealt a severe setback, when one of the newspapers published a story that falsely accused him of human trafficking.

The organisations he was working for banned him as a result of his legal battles against the false accusations that were brought against him, which caused an eight-year professional pause.

Fortunately, he prevailed in the lawsuit slapped against him before returning to work until the present.

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Prynce further reveals that he later learnt that the false claims were ploted by the man who dated the mother of my child for his selfish interests.

While in court battling the false accusations of human trafficking against me, I was blacklisted by most of the organizations I used to work for. However, I eventually won the case, and I slowly began to reintegrate into workforce.

My career has an eight-year gap due to a false story published by a newspaper at the time. The story falsely accused me of human trafficking. It later came to light that it was a setup by the man who dated the mother of my child.


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