Humphrey Mayanja,

Humphrey Mayanja laid to rest in Kalangaalo-Mityana

Humphrey Mayanja, a beloved individual, has now found eternal peace as he was laid to rest at his ancestral burial grounds in Kalangaro Mityana. His courageous battle against cancer led him to return to his homeland, Uganda, from the United States.

Throughout Humphrey Mayanja’s illness, his family, friends, and relatives provided unwavering support and care until his unfortunate passing on March 30th.

Today, amidst a sombre atmosphere of mourning, Humphrey Mayanja was finally given his final farewell in the serene surroundings of Kalangaro Mityana.

The burial ceremony was a poignant event, attended by a multitude of Ugandan celebrities who came to pay their respects.

Among them were renowned figures such as Spice Diana, Bebe Cool, Zuena Kirema, and many others, who gathered to honour the memory of their dear friend.

Jose Chemeleone

As the ceremony unfolded, heartfelt eulogies were delivered, recounting the cherished memories and remarkable qualities that defined Humphery’s life.

Tears mingled with fond laughter as stories were shared, painting a vivid picture of a life well-lived and a soul that touched countless hearts.

The burial procession itself was a solemn affair, with mourners walking in procession to the burial site, carrying Humphery’s casket with utmost reverence. The air was heavy with grief, yet also filled with a sense of gratitude for the time shared with this extraordinary individual.

Humphrey Mayanja, Bebe Cool

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Finally, as the sun began to set, Humphery was laid to rest in the hallowed grounds of Kalangaro Mityana, surrounded by the love and prayers of those who held him dear. The ceremony concluded with a collective prayer, offering solace and strength to his grieving family and friends.


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