Prima Kadarshi, Geosteady

“I Advised Geosteady Out of Relocating to the US After Music Had Failed” – Prima Kadarshi

Prima Kadarshi, a socialite and businesswoman, has disclosed that Geosteady intended to move to the United States after detecting that his music career wasn’t doing well.

Prima revealed her dissatisfaction with Geosteady during an interview with Galaxy TV, saying that he wasn’t thankful.

She disclosed that in one of their conversations, Geosteady made a suggestion that he relocates to the USA citing that his musical career wasn’t going well.

Prima was in Dubai at the time, and Geosteady was in the USA, where he had travelled for a performance.

However, Prima wasn’t pleased by Geosteady’s decision of quitting music and relocating to the USA, so she pledged to help the singer in getting his career back on track.

Prima Kadarshi, Gesteady

She adds that initially, Geosteady had planned that his girlfriend Hindu Kay features in his ‘Sembera’ song, but he made up his mind and opted for Prima in an effort to generate the song’s publicity.

As if that weren’t enough, Prima added, she also assisted in planning the successful Dine with Geosteady event.

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She nevertheless expressed her displeasure with Geosteady for failing to show her gratitude and for openly degrading her.

The mother of two pledged never to participate in any of Geosteady’s musical endeavours, and she is confident the musician will require her at a crucial juncture.


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