Sasha Brighton

I Almost Died When Delivering. Sasha Brighton Narrates As Son Celebrates His First Birthday

Singer Sasha Brighton real name Joweria Nannozi has narrated how she almost lost her life when delivering her second child last year.

Today marks exactly one year since Sasha Brighton and her mysterious partner welcomed their son Hiir into the world.

As the singer commemorates her son’s first birthday, she has taken to her socials, reminiscing some of the challenges she encountered while giving life.

Sasha Brighton said that she had severe pain throughout the delivery procedure and came dangerously close to losing both the baby and her life.

Sasha Brighton

But thanks to God’s grace, she was able to push through, deliver the baby safely, and as we publish this, the singer is a proud mother of two children.

“I lost a lot of things in my life, opportunities, my body many things my love but I wanna let u know that it was worth it.” sasha partly wrote on facebook.


Furthermore, Sasha Brighton thanked Allah and expressed her gratitude for bestowing him with the magnificent son Hirr.

“Hey my love see how blessed u are daddy born in the holy month of Ramadan n still celebrate your first birthday in Ramadan I didn’t know that love hurts not until I met u my love!! O4.04.2022. Was the date… Here we are papa….. Am blushing my love with tears flowing hun I almost lost u papa I almost lost the battle but I fought n won… Do u know the first words I told my mum after giving birth to u?? These are the words…. I told her “Maama ono ye nga simufeelingaaaa “ It sounds crazy right??? Yes it’s what I was feeling at that moment because of the so much pain I had gone through Wannuma nnyo papa I almost lost uuu we almost lost our lives but I fought….. My mum prayed…. My doctors prayed…. My brother!!!!!!! My DorahI didn’t know that yes I wasn’t feeling u at that moment but I was to feel u with every bit of heart later on I wanna let you know that it wasn’t easy to have u my world I lost a lot of things in my life, opportunities, my body many things my love but I wanna let u know that it was worth it!!!! I don’t wanna stop writing but I have to….. Thank you for choosing me as ur mum am so grateful for that Hiir my love…. Hiir my world…. Hiir my heartbeat I love you I love you I love you Nsaba Allah akunkumiire taata wange…..Nsaba Allah akumpangaliize daddy nsaba Allah akumpeemu birungi byokka my love I love you and I’ll always love you

Ya Allah thank you for this gift Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah Akbar

It’s Hajji’s first birthday

A happy birthday my love”


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