Martha Kay

I always land on stingy men – Martha Kay

Martha Kay has opened up about her unluckiness in relationships after continuously landing on Stingy men anytime she decides to settle and mingle.

Martha Kay
Martha Kay

The Popular comedienne Martha Kemigisha Kagimba, famously known as Martha Kay swallowed her pride, taking her disappointment to her Instagram story asking her fans and followers what she has been doing wrong.

I am a generous lover, if I love you, I buy gifts, cook for you, send surprises, food, drinks, even money. But for some reason I always land on stingy men even sending small small kfc, you have to beggggg. why???

Among the very many replies the Range Rover Girl received, here are a few we found eye-catching 

Since Martha Kay has never publicly shown off her love and affection towards her partner, it will be very hard for us to identify any of the Stingy men she has been referring to.

Her relationship has always remained under wraps leaving netizens to guess. She has always been linked to singer A pass and Ykee Benda, but it seems their love is not beyond business and Social media, so we can’t pin any of them to be chewing her Sumbie.

Over to you, What do you think Martha Kay is doing wrong to land on stingy men always ?


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