“I am Glad My Parents Never Raised Me Like a Rich Kid” Navio

Rapper Daniel Lubwama Kigozi alias Navio has revealed that despite coming from a rich family, his parents never treated him like a rich kid.

Navio is currently gearing up for his forthcoming 20 years of Navio concert on 02nd September 2023 at Kampala Sheraton Hotel.

During a press address, Navio was asked why he intends to hold a music concert yet he is moneyed enough with a rich family background.


In his response, Navio revealed that his family has over the years faced a lot of financial struggles that they don’t discuss in the public domain.

He notes that his father who was an engineer passed on when he was only 10 years, exposing him to life challenges at a very young age.

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Navio adds that at the time of his father’s passing, his mother Maggie Kigozi was unemployed but a qualified doctor. She embarked on the quest for employment which saw her venturing into business.

Navio further asserts that his family wealth didn’t come on a silver plate as he worked hard as well as his mother. The rapper acknowledged his parents giving him everything he ever wished for, but they never treated him like a rich kid and he is grateful for that.

The “Njogereza” rapper maintains that his parents not treating him like a rich kid helped him know the meaning of waking up early, working hard, doing chores, making his way, and creating his only lane at 14 years of age in a genre that no one believed in.


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