Chosen Becky, Dictator Amir

I am No Longer Offended by My Nose Insults as Long as My Husband Loves it – Chosen Becky

Songstress Rebecca Kukiriza alias Chosen Becky has revealed that she is no longer offended by social media bullies who use her nose as an insult.

Many social media users target different celebrities to obtain their attention, when they disagree with their beliefs, and for a variety of other covert reasons.

The vice has seen many celebrities suffer from depression, while others have developed thick skins and retaliated at their detractors where need be.

Chosen Becky, Dictator Amir

As a longtime victim of social media bullying, singer Chosen Becky revealed that she is longer bothered by what critics have to say about her body, as long as her partner Amir is pleased with it.

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The singer made the revelation through a video clip, as she geared up to render her services at a wedding gig.


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