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“I am Proud of You” Pastor Mutesasira Upon Esther and Ezekiel Making It to Canada’s Got Talent

It’s every parent’s dream to see their kids make it in life. In that case, Pastor Steven Mutesasira couldn’t hide his excitement upon seeing his kids make it to Canada’s Got Talent gigantic stage.

Pastor Mutesasira and gospel singer Julie Mutesasira sired three kids together before divorcing and the latter relocating to Canada.

In December 2021, Julie Mutesasira after 5 years reunited with her kids in Canada, where she had secured a better future for them.

Esther and Ezekiel Mutesasira

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It’s here that the sister-brother singing duo Esther and Ezekiel took part in Canada’s Got Talent auditions on Tuesday, where they got the judges on their feet with a show-stopping performance.

The pair’s cover of Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown’s “No Air” performance saw them dominate the media waves both in Uganda and overseas.

Esther and Ezekiel Mutesasira’s breathtaking performance didn’t go unnoticed by their father Pastor Steven Mutesasira, who took to Facebook to heap praise on his talented kids.

pastor steven mutesasira

In a precise Facebook post, Pastor Steven Mutesasira said he is proud of Esther and Ezekiel Mutesasira, and prayed that the hand of God continues to be upon them.

We give God the Glory. I am Proud of you Esther and Ezekiel Mutesasira. May the Hand of God continue to be upon you. Continue Shinning. I love you always.

Pastor Stephen Mutesasira

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