Zari Hassan, Shakib Cham

“I Asked For a Quran As Mahr During My Nikah With Shakib – Zari Hassan

Socialite Zari Hassan has revealed that during her recently concluded Nikah ceremony with husband Shakib Cham, she asked for a Quran as Mahr.

In April 2023, Zari Hassan and her husband Shakib Cham real name Shakib Lutaaya legalized their romantic relationship with a secret Nikah ceremony.

Zari revealed that their Nikah ceremony was a surprise, as Shakib collaborated with a few friends to organise the function.

She adds she had no qualms about becoming Shakib’s wife citing she loved him, and she was taken aback because she hadn’t anticipated Shakib to act in such a brave way.

During the ceremony, Zari asked for Quran as Mahr (dowery), because she is currently on a spiritual journey with Allah.

Zari Hassan, Shakib Cham

The mother of five also mentioned that her husband Shakib prays frequently, and that he always calls to remind her to pray while he’s not home.

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Mahr (dowery) is a benefit provided by a man to a woman upon their marriage in the context of Islam. It can take the form of money, a car, a house, among many other things.




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