Sheilah Gashumba

“I Can Record Anyone Without Their Permission Because I am Sheilah Gashumba”

Following a viral video that portrayed Sheilah Gashumbah and a Boda man in a heated argument at the mall, the socialite has thrown more light on what caused the altercation.

During the NBS After5 show, Sheilah revealed that after being treated unfairly at Caffesire at acacia mall, she expatiated her grievance.

However, she realized a Boda man was sneakily recording the incident for reasons best known to him.

On asking him the intent of his recording, he denied the act, stressing that he doesn’t know Sheilah, nor her counterparts.


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This triggered the scuffle, as Sheilah wanted to put the Boda man in his rightful place. It took Police and revelers’ intervention to restore the situation.

When MC Kats questioned Sheilah why she finds it offensive to be recorded yet she takes videos of everybody at “Choplife” without their permission, she pointed out that because she is Sheilah Gashumba.

Sheilah Gashumba’s statement has since generated divergent reactions from internet users, as some question the capacity that qualifies her for such privileges.

Her fans, however, agree with the socialite’s statement

What do you think?


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