Nina Roz

“I Can’t Be a Murderer. I’ve Never Aborted” – Nina Roz Clears the Air

Singer Nina Kankunda alias Nina Roz has dispelled rumours that she aborted fellow singer Daddy Andre’s pregnancy.

A few years back, in the course of her romantic relationship with Daddy Andre, Nina Roz gained weight eliciting reports that she was pregnant.

However, in light of the pair’s romantic relationship going south, Nina Roz lost weight for currently unknown causes.

Critics, however, attributed Nina Roz’s weight loss to having aborted, a claim the singer dispelled during an interview with Beat FM.

In the interview, Nina Roz was tasked to address the rumours that dominated news columns in recent years that she got rid of Daddy Andre’s pregnancy over unclear reasons.

Nina Roz

In her response, the singer who was visibly incensed by the query, pointed out that she has never inflicted harm on anyone and finds no reason to abort.

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I wouldn’t want to get pissed because you have asked me that question and you’re a fellow woman. I cannot be a murderer I can’t hurt anyone in the world why would I abort?


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