King Saha, Eddy Kenzo

“I Can’t Engage In a Music Battle With King Saha” – Eddy Kenzo

Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) president Eddy Kenzo, has recently addressed the ongoing buzz about a music battle between him and fellow artist King Saha.

While appearing in an interview with Baba TV, Eddy Kenzo shed light on his stance and advocated for peace and harmony within the music industry.

In his statement, Kenzo expressed his disinterest in engaging in a musical duel with King Saha, emphasizing the importance of unity and collaboration among artists.

The music battle talk between these two talented musicians initially ignited when Eddy Kenzo revealed that he would only engage in a music battle with any musician if it was to be held in West Africa.

In response, Saha retaliated by revealing how he was ready to fulfil all of Kenzo’s demands, to see their music battle come to life.

However, it seems that Kenzo has had a change of heart and is now adopting a more conciliatory approach.

King Saha, Eddy Kenzo

Kenzo asserts that as the president of the UNMF, he harbours a deep affection for all his colleagues within the music industry. He affirms his amicable relationship with Saha, emphasizing the absence of any animosity towards him.

Kenzo acknowledges his own inability to engage in competitive battles, as his principles advocate for the promotion of unity, love, and the avoidance of conflicts with fellow musicians.

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Eddy Kenzo has expressed his lack of objections towards individuals who engage in musical battles, however, he firmly states that he will never personally partake in such activities.


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