Grenade Official, Rickman Manrick, Sheilah Gashumba

“I Couldn’t Stand Being Cheated on Unlike Rickman Who Is Dummy” Grenade Official on Ditching Sheilah

Singer Grenade Official has come out and explained why he called off his romantic relationship with socialite Sheilah Gashumba.

Recently, Grenade Official bitterly fell out with Sheilah Gashumba and her boyfriend Rickman Manrick at La Tareza bar in Kampala.

The physical altercation saw Rickman go away with injuries on his lips, while Grenade Official claimed his limbs were fractured.

The fallout also left Grenade Official with a sour taste in his mouth and has no kind words for Sheilah and Rickman whenever a chance avails itself to address the media.

In his most recent interview with Galaxy FM, Grenade watered down Sheilah Gashumba’s claims that she never dated him.

Sheilah Gashumba

Grenade revealed that Sheilah and him dated over seven years back, when Paul Owori was still his manager.

He stated that he couldn’t stay in a relationship where cheating was the norm, unlike Rickman whom he labelled Sheilah’s dummy.

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Grenade maintains that Rickman Manrick shares Sheilah Gashumba with several men in Kampala before adding that the “Ebango” singer is too love-blinded to realise that.


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