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“I Don’t Need Bobi Wine’s Chances; Rather, He Should Transfer Them to Ronald Mayinja” Alien Skin

Singer Alien Skin real name Patrick Mulwana has come out and declined the chances that were offered to him by fellow singer and politician Bobi Wine to pull up his socks.

After encountering significant opposition from numerous supporters of the People Power political wing, Bobi Wine publicly emerged to advocate for Alien Skin, asserting that he should be given an opportunity to rectify his mistakes.

Nevertheless, in an audio recording circulating on various social media platforms, Alien Skin discloses that he does not require any opportunities or support from Bobi Wine.

He explicitly emphasizes that he has never been associated with Bobi Wine’s political party, People Power. Alien asserts that he does not deem these opportunities necessary for himself and instead proposes that they be extended to Ronald Mayinja or Big Eye, who were once members of his political party before betraying him.

Aien Skin also expressed that due to his imminent departure from the music industry within the coming month, he no longer requires Bobi’s opportunity. Instead, he believes that Mayinja is in greater need of it since he plans to have more years in the music industry.

Alien Skin

Alien Skin’s statement has since caused a stir in the music industry in Uganda, with many people questioning his motives and intentions.

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Some have speculated that he may be trying to gain public sympathy given the recent absence of his name in the media rotations.


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