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“I Don’t Subscribe to Any Political Party and Haven’t Betrayed Anyone” Alien Skin to NUP Critics

Singer Alien Skin has responded to the heavy criticism surrounding him alleging that he betrayed his fans.

Alien Skin has been the topic of discussion on various socializing Apps with a section of netizens castigating him for allegedly despising the NUP party leader Bobi Wine.

According to critics, they claim that they supported Alien Skin thinking he had the same goal of siding with the oppressed Ugandans and fighting to change the country’s leadership.

However, these were dismayed upon crossing paths with Alien Skin’s video, pleading to meet President Museveni and asking for a bulletproof car from him.

Additionally, Alien Skin’s detractors claim that severally, he has been quoted making sentiments that were deemed demeaning Bobi Wine.

Alien Skin

Earlier today, Alien Skin responded to the allegations, making it clear that he doesn’t subscribe to any political party.

Alien responded to claims that he betrayed his NUP fans, pointing out that before joining the music industry, he never made any promise to anyone.

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The self-described “Kimenke” insisted that Bobi Wine’s Firebase music camp did not foster him and that he has never worked with the label or received a song from them.


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