“I Failed to Complete University Due to Financial Challenges Hence Pursuing Music” Zafaran

During a recent interview with Sanyuka TV, Swangz Avenue singer Zafaran shared her experience of starting university with high aspirations of completing her studies and pursuing a career in her chosen field.

As she embarked on her journey as a journalism student, she managed to cover a portion of her tuition fees and other expenses, due to financial difficulties at home.

Unfortunately, the burden of financial constraints became overwhelming, leading her to make the difficult decision of leaving the university without her mother’s knowledge.

The “Enafuya” singer noted that it took her over four months to gather the courage to inform her mother about this life-altering decision.


Following her departure from academia, a friend introduced her to Benon, one of the influential figures at Swangz Avenue. Benon recognized her talent, subsequently offering her a contract with the label.

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Zafaran noted that although she has not yet reached her ultimate goal, she remains optimistic and grateful for what she has achieved thus far and attributes her progress to the unwavering support of her growing fan base.


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