Bina Babie

“I Failed to Conceive a Baby” Bina Babie on Why She Hasn’t Given Birth or Married Despite Her Age

Renowned media personality Bina Babie real name Robina Mbabazi has opened up about her reasons for not being married or having children despite her age.

During a recent interview with Sanyuka TV, Bina candidly shared that she had attempted marriage in the past but unfortunately, she was unable to conceive a child.

This experience has left her apprehensive about entering into romantic relationships and had undergone various examinations to determine the cause of her infertility.

She also received advice from several individuals, suggesting alternative methods such as IVF and adoption, but unfortunately, none of these options proved successful.

In light of these challenges, Bina decided to live with her mother, expressing gratitude for her family, as all her siblings have been able to have children and enjoy successful marriages.

Bina Babie

She shared that at first, it was a painful experience for her, especially when she faced criticism on social media, with people accusing her of intentionally avoiding marriage and motherhood but not anymore

She emphasized that no one would willingly choose to marry someone with fertility issues, as marriage is often associated with starting a family.

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However, Bina maintained that there is a right time for everything, and sometimes people try to rush or manipulate God’s timing. She has accepted whatever life has brought her way and remains hopeful for the future.


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