Winnie Nwagi

“I Have No Problem With Swagnz Staging Azawi’s Concert Before Mine” – Winnie Nwagi

On 8th June, Swangz Avenue revealed that Azawi is set to hold her maiden concert on 22nd July 2022.

The development however did not settle well with folks, especially those who have always looked forward to Winnie Nwagi’s concert.

In disbelief, these challenged Swangz Avenue’s act of staging a concert for Azawi before Winnie Nwagi who has undoubtedly stood a taste of time.

While appearing on NBS after5 show, Nwagi got into several topics, including label mate Azawi’s impending concert.

Winnie Nwagi

Winnie Nwagi revealed that Azawi and her are two different artists, who have distinct objectives in life.

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The self-branded fire baby further stressed that she is in talks with her label and soon her concert dates will be communicated.

You know everyone has different goals and plans. I can’t go by Azawi plans. She has her plans and I have mine. We are still agreeing on a few things with my management but trust me guys we are having a concert soon I promise.

Winnie Nwagi


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