Vivian Tendo, Moses Tinsley

“I Met My Husband On Facebook As He Vowed to Help Me From Former Label’s Threats” – Vivian Tendo

Singer Vivian has revealed that she met her husband Moses Tinsley through Facebook Messenger as he had reached out and vowed to help her from her former management threats.

In 2021, Vivian Tendo bitterly fell out with her longtime manager and first record label Route Entertainment.

Vivian Tendo’s parting ways with Route Entertainment was followed by numerous threats, allegedly coming from her former management.

To avoid the aftermaths of the threats, Vivian Tendo publicly cried out for help and her husband Moses Tinsley was one of the people who responded positively to her plea.

While taking part in an interview with NTV Mwasuze Mutya with Faridah Nakazibwe, Vivian Tendo revealed that Moses Tinsley engaged her through Facebook messenger where he pledged to offer help if she needed it.

Vivian Tendo, Moses Tinsley

The two exchanged contacts and later started dating. Midway through their dating process, Tinsley hinted at how he wanted to marry Vivian, but the singer urged him to wait a little longer.

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But the more she got to know him, the more she believed that even if she had met him earlier, she would have agreed to marry him.

Vivian Tendo and Moses Tinsley are a happily married couple, who exchanged vows in Mombasa at Voyager Beach before their friends and family.


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