Bad Black

I never called anyone to do business with me – Bad black to her accusers

Police on Tuesday raided Bad Black’s home on counts of allegedly engaging in unlawful acts of theft. Among other cases filed against Shanita Namuyimbwa alias, Bad Black was getting money by false pretense, and more other charges. Upon Bad black seeing the police at her home, she vanished into thin air. This did not stop Police from executing their duties as her home was thoroughly searched for any evidence regarding the filed cases.

According to police, Badblack disappeared with Shs1.1 m from a girl whom she promised to fly overseas. Since bad black deals in bleaching products, she extorted money from more other girls promising to deliver whitening Soap and other bleaching products.

Bad Black

As if that was not enough, BadBlack hired a car worth UGX2M which she failed to clear its dues, and a car windscreen which she destroyed during the period she used the car worth UGX550k.

On Wednesday Bad Black made her way to the police to make a statement with her lawyer Lutalo. Upon her return, she had this to say

Most of Ugandans a fools and i find no reason to explain myself ur not worth it first of all hv never called anyone to deal with me so once u come in my inbox do research first ☝️ when it comes to tv shows u lost content am the only person giving you view ::: let me tell you the allegations was about witch craft nze sili musamizze 👌so anyone dealing with me kindly goggle 😜content wa week wuuyo:: mwagala nyo okweyelusa kufuza mana nokulonga abasajja temusiliwalilako.. u send money n peace later u report didn’t u know why i was sentenced kumanyoko



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