Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool: “I Wouldn’t Let My Daughter Marry a Man of My Youthful Persona.”

Gagamel International singer Bebe Cool real name Moses Ssali has applauded his wife Zuena Kirema for loving him unconditionally.

Taking to the new socializing App Threads, Bebe Cool reflected on the youthful version of himself with untidy dreadlocks.

Captioning one of his youthful photos, Bebe Cool expressed his gratitude to his wife Zuena for being a strong woman before noting how he respects her patience and version.

Additionally, Bebe conveyed his respect for his father and mother-in-law, for accepting him to marry their daughter without criticizing the version of him then.

Bebe Cool stressed that he wouldn’t officiate their romantic relationship if either of his daughters brought him a son-in-law in his youthful personality.

Bebe Cool

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Surely my wife is a strong woman. I respect your patience and version, eeeeeee. I also give full respect to my father and mother inlaw coz if my daughter brings me a guy like this today hohohoho.


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