Esther Mutesasira

“I Wouldn’t Date A Ugandan Man” Esther Mutesasira As She Lists Qualities of Her Ideal Man

Esther Mutesasira of the young singing duo of Esther and Ezekiel has listed the qualities of her ideal man.

On Friday last week (08 Aug.), Esther and Ezekiel Mutesasira who are currently in the country graced singer Maurice Kirya’s just-concluded concert at Serena Hotel.

After the show, the duo addressed the press and got into several topics where Esther talked about her love life.

Esther revealed that despite not being ready for romantic relationships, men storm her social media inboxes with intentions of dating her.

She maintained that she is still young and currently pursuing her goals ahead of her. However, she pointed out that when the proper moment comes for her to start dating, she already possesses the characteristics that her dream boyfriend would ideally possess.

Esther Mutesasira

Esther Mutesasira noted that she would want a God-fearing man, respectful, rich, educated, tall, and he ought to be of Canadian or American origin.

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She made it clear that she doesn’t have any problem with Ugandan men, but she just prefers a man of the aforementioned origins.


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