Ibrah K Mukasa

Ibrah K Mukasa Didn’t Relocate to the USA as Earlier Rumored

Exclusive Bizz has learned that Spark Tv journalist Ibrah K Mukasa didn’t relocate to the USA as initially rumoured.

A few weeks back, several blogs reported how media personality and YouTuber Ibrah K Mukasa had rolacated to the United States of America.

Reports further claimed that to a smaller extent, Tiktoker Godfather’s defamatory charges against Ibrah K led to his relocation.

The reports stemed from a video clip which depicted Ibrah K revealing how he had finally fulfilled his lifelong dream of relocating to Joe Baiden’s land in an effort to trace for greener pastures.

Ibrah K Mukasa and Zafaran
Ibrah K Mukasa & Swangz Avenue Singer Zafaran at Afro Club Recently

According to the most current development, Ibrah K. Mukasa’s visit to the US was brief, since he returned to his home country a few days ago after completing his obligations there.

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Ibrah has already comenced with his duties at Spark TV, and on 28th April he hosted his ‘Koona ne Spark Tv’ show live at Afro Club in Kasangati.


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